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GILBERT GOTTFRIED LIVE! at Halligan’s in Auburn, MA 4-26-14


Comedy Fest Worcester – Saturday March 15, 2014 – The Palladium in Worcester

Presented By:  Stand Up for Laughs Comedy, The Palladium, and Frank’s Comedy Safari

!!ComedyFestheader!!Comedy Fest Worcester 2014 at the Worcester Palladium was a HUGE success! Stand Up comedy at the Worcester Palladium, a venue synonymous with rock-n-roll and heavy metal music, is going to become more regular. Below are some pictures of Comedy Fest Worcester 2014 which was hosted by Lenny Clarke featured Nick DiPaolo, Steve Sweeney, Jon Fisch, Dave Russo, Kevin Barbare and Frank Foley.

As doors opened

comedy fest worcesterJust as the doors opened!






Just after set up.

Justin in Green room



Justin in the Green room before the comics arrive.



Larry Megan with Lenny Clarke


Booker and Promoter for Stand Up for Laughs Comedy, Larry Smith and his wife Megan with Lenny Clarke before the show.



LennyLenny Clarke Opening the show!



Lenny3Lenny2RussoKevin BarbareJon Fisch2 Crowd shots with Lenny on Stage.

Then Dave Russo, Kevin Barbare, Jon Fisch, Frank Foley, Steve Sweeney, and Nick Dipaolo all performing.

Frank FoleySteve SweeneyNick Dip